While it’s not uncommon to see Fireball Team Rider, Shane Sussman, spending hours on end drifting and tucking down mountains ranging from Malibu to Glendora, we managed to get a few minutes of his time in between runs to chat about the learning curve, finding the right sized hardware and filming with the VCDH crew.

Across the country in the suburbs of New Jersey, Austin Manning is forced to deal with trying to progress on snowy and salty terrain for more than half the year, if he’s even able to access a spot close enough to rip. Nevertheless, he’s become one of the Fireball team’s top downhill riders so we chatted with him recently about his home state, words of wisdom and hangover remedies.

From solving rubik’s cubes in one footed manuals to making use out of broken skate decks, Andrei Churakov's unrivaled board control is among the best in the freestyle community. We sat him down for a few questions about his time on the team, riding style and where he’s headed next. 

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