Whether you’ve just finished setting up your very first complete skateboard or you’ve been thrashing around the streets for some time, the sensation of popping in a fresh set of bearings is up there with the greatest feelings a skateboarder can experience.

In the process, the first instinct for many is to give their wheels a spin with their hands as soon as they finish screwing on the axle nuts. At this point, the moment is often spoiled by an underperforming first roll that leads skaters to thinking something must be wrong with their bearings.

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Though bearings may be the smallest part of the skateboard, they enable the fun of riding unlike any other component. While many companies have tried creating their own versions over the years, the quality and performance of skateboard bearings has fluctuated over the years. 

In the case of Dragon Bearings, searching for the right materials to craft the perfect bearings has been the primary focus since their 2016 inception. Over time, Dragon has quietly but steadily grown to be one of the top selling bearing brands on the market today.

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The term “ATV” gets thrown around a lot in skateboarding world. Typically, the title is granted to an established pro skater who appears just as proficient at tearing through down street spots as they are slashing coping and busting airs on transition.

Jacsen Kutik, on the other hand, might be an even better example of a true all terrain vehicle in the skateboarding world - even though he’s only 10 years old.

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