Cruiser skateboards are for some reason... complicated. They really should not be, and beyond the surface, are very easy to understand. The idea behind a cruiser is to get from point a to point b while having the most fun possible. We're gonna dive right into a no-nonsense guide to cruisers.

Picking your perfect wheel can be an intimidating task. Some cost a harsh chunk of cash, and others can be downright bad. We dive into 6 reasons Tinder's make an awesome all round wheel

So much of skateboarding is personal preference. We gave three skaters each a set of Tinder Wheels that we thought would appeal to their riding style and documented the process from the crack of the plastic

As anyone who has ever been in the market for purchasing bearings can attest to, the concept of ABEC ratings for skateboarding purposes are ultimately useless. Understandably, this may come as a surprise to unsuspecting or unfamiliar buyers.

Though most skateboarding brands have good intentions in mind, it does not mean that all are exempt from publicizing deceptive marketing tactics like advertising ABEC ratings in order to sell bearings.