As part of the Fireball Artist Series we’re not only bringing you some super rad limited edition deck designs, but giving you an insight into the minds of the artists ‘behind the boards’. Kicking off the series is Manila based illustrator Lei Melendres, best known for his ‘Infinity Mix’ style of doodling.

The term “ATV” gets thrown around a lot in skateboarding world. Typically, the title is granted to an established pro skater who appears just as proficient at tearing through down street spots as they are slashing coping and busting airs on transition.

Jacsen Kutik, on the other hand, might be an even better example of a true all terrain vehicle in the skateboarding world - even though he’s only 10 years old.

All things considered, this board is an solid addition any skater’s collection, even if all the other boards in it are twin-tailed 8.25’s. Whether you’re grabbing a pizza from down the block or taking it down the hills to clear your mind, it provides a more laid back ride than a traditional skateboard ever would.

It takes a special kind of skater to flow so effortlessly that seeing them get into their zone and step through rhythmically improvised lines prompts a reaction to go out an seek a similar sort of freedom.

As a perfect example of someone who carries unmatched energy mixed with spontaneous ingenuity, we couldn’t be more stoked to welcome Aboubakry Seck to the Fireball Supply Co. team.

While it’s not uncommon to see Fireball Team Rider, Shane Sussman, spending hours on end drifting and tucking down mountains ranging from Malibu to Glendora, we managed to get a few minutes of his time in between runs to chat about the learning curve, finding the right sized hardware and filming with the VCDH crew.