Consumer Reports: Arbor & Fireball Hybrid Premium Skateboard

Consumer Reports: Arbor & Fireball Hybrid Premium Skateboard

If you’re a diehard street skater accustomed to tiny, hard wheels and the reliable symmetry of the classic popsicle shape, odds are you would never think of changing your beloved setup. But when you’re tired of having to pop over every little crack in the road and needing to overexert for every push you need to power through on a choppy sidewalk, maybe it’s time to consider adding another option to your quiver. Being that these were my thoughts just a couple months ago, I decided to give the Arbor & Fireball Hybrid Premium Skateboard a try. Needless to say, I’ve been enamored ever since.

Whenever I take this board out for a rip, one word comes to mind over any other: casual. From the mellow radial concave to the natural wood grain of the top ply, this board is a smooth breath of fresh air compared to my rattling street setup. From the moment you throw down, the first thing you notice is the sound of forgiving 60mm | 81a Fireball Tinders hitting the ground. Compared to the worn down Spitfires I’ve been rocking for well over a year, these things take the experience of skating down Artesia Boulevard from a mission to a stroll.

On flatground, the Tinders breeze over cracks, pebbles and sidewalk up-ramps like nothing. For anything larger, the kicktail on the Hybrid allows you to bust out manuals over manhole covers and random grates in the street. Equipped with a set of Dragon RACE Bearings, the oil within allows for the highest roll speeds possible on your trek. This becomes especially important when you put this thing to the test on slopes like those of the Redondo Beach suburbs. That’s where the real party starts.

On hills that you can blaze down with a straight bomb or a series of carves, this board/wheel combo is a dream. Add this to the fact that the Paris TKP Street Trucks that come stock on this thing feel familiar to other street trucks you’ve probably rode in the past and you’ve got all the comfort one could ask for. Whether you’re bold enough to screech down Green Street from the top or you’re easing down the gentle decline of Matthews Avenue this setup has you covered. To confirm, you can check out the specs here:


  • Truck Mounting - Top Mount
  • Length - 36” | 91.44 cm
  • Width - 9" | 22.86 cm
  • Wheelbase - 17.25” | 43.8 cm

Complete With:

  • Paris TKP Street Trucks - 149mm | Silver
  • Fireball Wheels - 60mm | 81a | White
  • Dragon Race Bearings

All things considered, this board is an solid addition any skater’s collection, even if all the other boards in it are twin-tailed 8.25’s. Whether you’re grabbing a pizza from down the block or taking it down the hills to clear your mind, it provides a more laid back ride than a traditional skateboard ever would. If you’re like me and have never had a proper cruiser, this board is an undeniably enticing first choice. Pairing uncommon sensations like the clear spray-on griptape with the all the comforts of features like functional kicktails, there’s something to love about the Arbor & Fireball Hybrid Premium Skateboard any way you look at it. 

If you’re ready to give one of these a try for yourself, feel free to swing by the Fireball HQ for a rip around the parking lot or scoop one up from the Fireball Supply Co. shop today. For any related comments or questions, feel free to shoot us a message directly here

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