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The term “ATV” gets thrown around a lot in skateboarding world. Typically, the title is granted to an established pro skater who appears just as proficient at tearing through street spots as they are slashing coping and busting airs on transition. Jacsen Kutik, on the other hand, might be an even better example of a true all terrain vehicle in the skate world - even though he’s only 10 years old.


While this may be a bold claim, Jacsen’s skateboarding ability more than speaks for itself. Whether he’s putting on a set of leathers for a downhill race or turning around and padding up for runs on the mega ramp, Jacsen lives up to the Bustin Boards mantra of “Skate Everything” in every sense of the phrase. Not only can he stack combinations together on the mini ramp when he’s practicing, he can turn on the heat when it’s contest time, racking up scores of podium finishes from vert and street showdowns to slide jams and beyond.

As one of the most uniquely talented up-and-coming skaters we’ve seen lately, we’re proud to welcome Jacsen Kutik to the Dragon Bearings team. Even better, we got to chat with him to talk about his multidisciplinary approach to skateboarding and the places he hopes it’ll take him:


Fireball Supply Co: Most of the time, skaters get into one discipline and stick with it for their careers. How did you manage to get into skating everything from downhill to street?

Jacsen Kutik: I started skating street/park stuff, [but] when I started skating for Bustin they encouraged me to try out downhill and skate everything. It’s all fun and challenging so I like to do it all. 

What’s it like to get a board with your name on it?

It’s awesome, but it’s a huge responsibility I feel like I have to keep pushing myself to the next level. 


Are there any skaters that you look up to?

For downhill: William Royce and Matt Kienzle.

For street: Chopper of the Osaka Daggers, Brad McClain, and Jordan Maxham  

What’s it like to go from shredding a DH race to flying out of a mega ramp back to back?

It is unsettling but two street competitions in a row can be unsettling. It’s a challenge to see what you can do. (Note: Jacsen just finished 2nd in the Hot Wheels Junior Series Mega Ramp Contest and 3rd in the Gravity Fest Downhill Race)


Do you have a favorite type of skating or is it a mix of everything?

Mix of everything. I like racing because of how competitive it is, street/park stuff is fun to learn new tricks, and free ride is like a mix of downhill racing and flat ground tricks. 

What do you want to do when you grow up? 

Become a pro skater. It’s the only thing I’ve wanted to be since I was 4. 

To keep track of Jacsen's day to day shredding, be sure to drop him a follow on Instagram or stay tuned to the Fireball Supply Co. blog for further coverage. 

All photos shot by George J. Patterson and authorized to use by Marc Kutik.

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