About Fireball

Skateboarding is full of misinformation and myths. Fireball was founded to bring transparency through time tested and proven engineering methods to create quality products, built to last. No false claims, no over-hyped marketing jargon for you to wrap your head around, just true performance focussed products backed by our lifetime guarantee.
Learn about us, where we started and where we're heading below 

The Beginning

Frustrated by the false claims and marketing of skateboard components on the market, founder David Rajewski set out on a mission to inform the skateboard industry . Through hours of sourcing, sampling and testing came the Fireball Mounting Hardware. Unlike anything on the market these were truly designed to stand up to the daily punishment of a skateboarder; high grade stainless steel bolts gave a rust-free precision fit, while the zinc coated nylon locknuts eliminated the sticking or ’cold-welding’ that most brands on the market seemed to neglect.

First hardware

This simple need for lasting components has catapulted Fireball into one of the ‘go-to’ brands on the market today. 11 years later we’re still true to our core principles; long lasting, performance focused engineered products, built to last. That’s why we back our products with a lifetime Beast Guarantee, giving you peace of mind if ever a product should fail or not perform to your standards

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Our Mission

"To bring together and inspire skaters and creatives around the world. Through superior, technically engineered product we aim to push the boundaries of the skateboard industry and pave the way for a new generation of skaters"

The Future

2020 marks our 11th year and we couldn’t be more excited! With new bearing styles, artist collaborations and a host of new products in the works, we can’t wait to share these with you. Oh, did we mention we’re launching our ambassador scheme too?


As a brand built around engineered product, we've created a whole page on the technologies and features we have built into our product
Learn more about our technologies here >

What our customers say


“I'm really not trying saying anything bad about Reds because they're really good too, I just think these are better”

“Rode them in the rain for about 2 hours on very wet pavement. Took them apart a few days later expecting to find some rust and nearly slow-running bearings as I have come to expect from just about every other manufacturer. NOPE! These were still perfectly lubed and rust free”

“As good as Reds, but sealed way better to keep out the nasties! Drop some of these in your ride & forget about it 🤘💁‍♀️🍕🌮”

“The threads are clean and crisp with no slop. The screw heads are all properly sized to prevent popping through like cheaper hardware I've tried. And the best part is they're stainless so they won't tarnish or rust”

“The craftsmanship was very impressive. Best I have seen 10/10“

“Ive used 2 or 3 brands of speed washers and spacers, these are by far the best, an immediate increase in spin time and quietness as soon as I switched out the shitty Bones ones”

“Can't beat the quality for this, especially for the price!”

“Great to work with and products are high quality”

“Fireball doesn't disappoint. A nice smooth ride. Super durable. Beautiful”

“We replaced our old hard wheels for these Fireballs so we can enjoy skating on our rough and unmaintained neighborhood street. Let me tell ya, what a huge difference!”