A Tinder Face-off: 3 Sizes, 1 Wheel

A Tinder Face-off: 3 Sizes, 1 Wheel

So much of skateboarding is personal preference. We gave three skaters each a set of Tinder Wheels that we thought would appeal to their riding style. **Spoiler alert, they did!**

The goal: document the rides from first crack of the plastic to gather honest thoughts on the wheels and what made them tick. Here’s what they had to say (along with a Tinder based rating system:)

Left swipe - Does not like.
Right swipe - Likes, but has certain things that set them from perfection.
Swipe up - Super like! You want this wheel to know how much you like it!

70mm Tinder wheels


The 70mm Tinders will have the usual bonuses that a 70mm freeride wheel will have.  This is a wheel that will absolutely amp your skill up. The 70mm’s will be great for throwing your board sideways with no worry of high siding or low siding.  Whether you want to take it easy and have fun on your local hill, push yourself on a bigger hill, or learn something new, these will be by your side to make your life easier and help you build confidence in your skating!


Name: Morgan Price
IG: @morgan_price77
Preferred style: Technical downhill & fast freeride
Years Riding: 5

Morgan on the 70s: "As a hands down skater who doesn’t dabble a whole lot in stand up slides, the Tinders really were a great change of pace. Being used to grippier wheels like Orangatangs and Seismics, I was expecting the Tinders to slip more but they really held their own. The grip to slip ratio was really noticed and appreciated. I could nicely slip in and out of corners with ease. The break in process was incredibly easy and they progressively got better. They also didn’t wear down too much which I really appreciate. They’re a crazy fun wheel that fit my riding style beautifully!"

I give the 70mm Tinders a solid right swipe for a like! 

65mm Tinder wheels

Tinder 65mm Skateboard Wheels


The most versatile of the bunch; they specialize in rolling over anything, acting well on all pavements, throwing huge slides, and also small slides at slower speeds. A true swiss army knife of a wheel! 65mm Tinders are far from situational, which makes them reliable and always a good go to. With a set of 65mm Tinders, you will be strapped for a fun day of skating and a willingness to try something new!


Name: Sam Flint
Preferred style: Freeride & fast freeride
Years Riding: 8

Sam on the 65s: "I really like slippery wheels and I’ve been riding exclusively Snakes for a while now.  So initially I was a little worried about Tinder’s feeling a little grippy.  There was nothing to worry about.  From my first slide and for the rest of the day they felt really easy and really consistent.  The slide was super smooth and the outstanding core made them really predictable.  For path skating, the Tinders were very easily able to navigate through turns.  One downside is that on a hot day they might wear a little quickly.  But how fun they are is worth it.  This is not an average wheel, get them on your board and see what I mean!' 

I swipe up for a super like on the 65mm Tinders!


60mm Tinder wheels

Tinder 60mm Skateboard Wheels


60mm Tinders are the perfect wheel for a smaller board. Especially because they’ll look fantastic on your setup with all their color variants. They perform beautifully for getting a to b and scrubbing out little slides the whole way. They’re also a fantastic freeride wheel for doing spins and technical freeride wizardry. Plus, the thane lines are a nice bonus too! 

This is NOT a wheel for skating a crazy fast hill where you need to grab tight lines (if you're into this we recommend checking out the Beast wheels). But if you want to slide everywhere, slide a lot, and cruise cracks and bumps in the road with ease you will without a doubt have a crazy fun time.


Name: Jeremy Shoom
IG: @j_shoom
Preferred style: Tech freeride 
Years Riding: 10

Jeremy on the 60s: "I love a good small wheel to ride on my double kick or throw on my main board for some big slides.  The 60mm Tinders were no exception.  The break in process was almost non existent.  This wheel is skateboarding put on easy mode!  They left beautiful lines and were super easy to throw sideways.  They were great for big slides and fun spins, but I wouldn’t feel the most comfortable with them on a mountain run or something crazy fast.  But if you put them on a short board and intend to take it easy and have a fun time, these are the wheels for you!  They’re a city slasher with capability for having some of the most fun you may ever have on your skateboard"

This wheel earns a swipe up from me!  The color variants add a really solid bonus!


There’s something for everyone with Tinders. They’ve proved to be a trustworthy wheel that are absolutely worth trying and really held their own against three very different disciplines. So however you skate, Tinders will be a wheel worth trying!

Not yet convinced? Here's 6 reasons Tinders are rad AF

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