Though bearings may be the smallest part of the skateboard, they enable the fun of riding unlike any other component. While many companies have tried creating their own versions over the years, the quality and performance of skateboard bearings has fluctuated over the years. 

In the case of Dragon Bearings, searching for the right materials to craft the perfect bearings has been the primary focus since their 2016 inception. Over time, Dragon has quietly but steadily grown to be one of the top selling bearing brands on the market today.

It’s inevitable - the end of summer is a solemn time for skaters everywhere who need to cut those all day summer sessions into abbreviated rides after and in between classes as the fall school semester approaches.

Make the most of it and check out these opportunities to keep the stoke alive during back to school season. 

DRAGON bearings have several distinctive characteristics that make them superior to other bearings at a similar price point. Lubrication DRAGONS...