How To Install Bearings and Spacers with One Tool (Inline Skates)

Click here for a skateboard install.

WARNING! Do not push the bearings in the wheels with your fingers! This can bend the shields/seals and cause poor bearing performance and possibly failure. 

Properly installing bearings into the inline skate wheels is one of the most important tasks of the build. Without the bearings seated properly in the wheels and the axles tightened down, the skate cannot roll freely and quickly. It can also lead to pre-mature bearing failure and/or serious rider injury. Here is our step by step guide to professionally install your new skateboard bearings.

Wheels should spin freely and quietly if the install was successful. Don't worry too much if your wheels don't spin for a long time. There is no load on the bearing, so this is not an accurate depiction of how fast the bearings are.

There you have it! Get out and shred.

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