Behind the Board: Hand of God Studio

Behind the Board: Hand of God Studio

By popular demand, we've been searching the globe for some of the raddest artists we felt complimented the essence of skateboarding. Next up, Okta of Hand of God Studio.

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This or that:

Coffee/Tea: Coffee
TV/Book: Book
Morning/Evening: Morning
Netflix/Youtube: Youtube
Beer/tacos: Beer
Paper/Digital: Paper

"I was on a very beautiful island, and people called the island of god. There are lots of friendly and kind people here. I hope you can see it for yourself. This is Bali, Indonesia"

Okta on his home town of Bali

What does skateboarding mean to you and how did you get started?

I don't remember when it started. I just ride my skateboard and hopefully people like it. It's all about fun for me

What is your favorite piece or project you’ve worked on ?

I really like collaborative work with skateboard brands because it penetrates the soul of my passion

Money is no object. What are you buying?

I don't buy but prefer to play and spin money in a fun way, like making your own brand

Who inspires you as an artist?

The best inspirational artist is my little family who always motivates and inspires me in my art

What is your superpower?

The kickflip! hahaha

What is the single item you can't live without?


What is the most useless talent you have?

I can finish my coffee and beer quickly

What's the most gifted item of the past 3 years?


Where can you learn more?
IG: @oktarezafakhlevi //

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