Austin Manning Interview: Hardware, Hills & Homies

Austin Manning Interview: Hardware, Hills & Homies

Some G-Form padding and a slick pair of shades keeps Austin Manning looking confident as ever. 

We may not complain about the weather or the access to skate spots around Fireball HQ very much but we know some of our team riders like Austin Manning have it far tougher in their neck of the woods. Across the country in the suburbs of New Jersey, Manning is forced to deal with trying to progress on snowy and salty terrain for more than half the year, if he’s even able to access a spot close enough to rip.

However, this has yet to stop him from making the most out of summer days and properly paved roads as he’s become one of the Fireball team’s top downhill riders. Equipped with a set of Dragon Bearings and Dragon Hardware to match, we got to chat with Austin recently about his home state, words of wisdom and hangover remedies.

A set of Ojoom Pucks is essential for staying up and avoiding a nasty road rash.

Fireball Supply Co.: As someone who spends the majority of their time riding the hills in NJ, what’s the difference between the East Coast and West Coast scene?

Austin Manning: For only being to the West Coast once, I think the main difference between the coasts are the number of spots that are easily skateable. For a lot of us on the East Coast, we don't live right down the street or even a few miles away from good spots. A lot of us have to drive 2 or even 3 hours just to get to a good area with hills. It’s a real grind sometimes, which makes kids on the East Coast really appreciate any good spot they can find. 

When there's that much thane in the corner, you know you're good to add some style to your slides. 

FSC: For the record, does Central Jersey exist

AM: Yeah, I think so. Jersey is super diverse and packed with people - North and South just isn't good enough. 

FSC: What Fireball/Dragon components are you rocking on your setup right now?

AM: Currently I'm riding the Dragon ENDURE Bearings and Dragon Hardware, of course.

FSC: What’s they key to powering through a case of the speed wobbles?

AM: Put most of your weight on your front trucks and have a lot of confidence. The moment you freak out - you’re beat.  

Turn your back to the devil. Hail Skatan instead.

FSC: Christian Teplitzky says you’re not exactly a morning person. Why not?

AM: Too many beers the night before usually.  

FSC: When you finally have to wake up, what’s your go-to breakfast?

AM: Porkroll, egg and cheese sandwich and a chocolate milk.  

Taking the scenic route down to a beautiful waterfront (which ended up getting cropped from the photo, but you could imagine how nice it looked)

FSC: What’s the most exciting thing to look forward to in longboarding for you?

AM: Hitting more new fast roads with the homies and more racing. I just got a pair of leathers that actually fit so I'm going for it in 2019.

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