Longboard & Skateboard Wheels

Buttery delicious ‘thane for your shred sled.
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Tinder Series

USA-Made wheels designed for skateboards, longboards and mini cruisers.

5 colors, 3 sizes to suit any setup.

Tinder Series

Terra Wheels

54mm softies, designed to let you skate any terrain, with our 78a durometer S-Type Urethane.

Terra Wheels

Beast 76mm Wheels

Monstrous Longboard Wheels with a unique combination of bevelled edge & sand stone ground finish

Beast 76mm Wheels

Designed & TEsted in California

Designed for cruising, sliding or bombing the hills.

Our wheels are designed and made right here in California, USA, and come SlidePrepped as standard for breaking into those smooth, clean slides, right out the box.

Fireball products work on longboards or skateboards alike. We're here for you if you need longboard wheels or skateboard wheels.

Our entire range of longboard skateboard wheels are designed for cruising, carving, freeride, sliding & more. Beginners to seasoned skaters, find your perfect wheel match using the chart below:

  Tinder 60mm Tinder 65mm Tinder 70mm Beast 76mm
Wheel Size (Diameter) 60mm 65mm 70mm 76mm
Urethane Durometer 81a 81a 81a 81a
Wheel Width 44mm 46mm 50mm 65mm
Wheel Core  Centerset Centerset Centerset Offset
Contact Patch 35mm
38mm 40mm 50mm
SlidePrepped Yes Yes Yes Yes

Why choose Fireball Longboard Wheels?

Since 2009, we’ve been manufacturing skateboard components to outlast and outperform anything and everything on the market. This ethos is carried through every single product in our lineup, and our longboard wheels are no exception.

Designing and manufacturing in California, USA, allows us full control over our R-Type 81a Polyurethane Formula. The result? The perfect balance between softer wheels and harder wheels, allowing for super fast & smooth skating over (almost) any terrain, whether you’re bombing your downhill longboard, or cruising to the store.

What you get with Fireball Wheels:

→ Locally made urethane for a super fast, super smooth ride

→ Stone Ground and SlidePrepped for spreadable Buttery Slides

→ Tons of color choices to fit with your style

→ ‘Thane Dumpers with progressive, consistent wear to the core.

→ Centerset or Sideset Wheels options

→ 5 Star Rated by you guys. Check the wheel pages or our Amazon store to read your thoughts

→ Cored Wheel Discount. Send us your cored wheels and we’ll give you 25% off any set of Fireball Skate Wheels*

Frequently Asked Questions

We grew up riding these brands, and these are mostly very good quality wheels. Each differs in its own way, so we will break down some main differences below:

  • Orangatang - We make our wheels in the same factory at Otang in California, USA. Otang offer some slightly different shapes to us, but are much more expensive.
  • Hawgs - A very popular wheel made by the guys behind Landyachtz. Recent batches are made in China. The wheels tend to come in swirl patterns, and while it looks sick, they are mixing two colors (or more) of urethane with slightly different properties, resulting in some degradation in the urethane. Just something to bear in mind depending on what your purpose is.
  • Cloud Ride - Their popular ‘Cruisers’ offer an offset core, translucent (and very soft) ‘thane and square edges. Good for surfskating.
  • Blood Orange - Their most popular wheel, the ‘Morgan Pro’ offers similar shape to our Tinder Series. Lots of riders reporting they wear down too fast. They come in at around $20 more than Fireball Wheels (per set). Overall, decent wheels if you have money to burn.
  • Shark Wheels claim to be ‘faster, smoother & longer lasting’ that anything on the market. They are aimed more at riding on poor surfaces & rough terrain by channeling dirt/debris through their ‘DNA Formula’ to deflect objects in the path.

    While this may be true, we don’t ultimately find that it’s necessary for skate application. Our formula has been developed to find the perfect balance between softer wheels and harder wheels, allowing for super fast & smooth skating over (almost) any terrain.

    Possibly, depending on your setup and wheel choice. If you try to add too big of a wheel you will end up with wheelbite and probably some broken bones

    Our cruiser wheels are designed to fit most skateboards. Check your current wheel size and try to match this as closely as possible


    Tinder Series with rounded edges for a grippy wheel that can easily break into a slide.

    Beast Series wheels come with bevelled edges for extra grip

    How fast can you push? Share your best attempts on our Instagram @fireballsupplyco

    Durometer comes in two scales; A Scale & B Scale.

    A scale is commonly used in skateboarding and is the measure of how hard or soft the urethane is. The lower the number the softer the wheel and vice versa.

    B Scale is only really found on select Powell Peralta wheels, and runs 20 points lower than the A Scale, therefore is aimed at more accurately measuring harder wheels

    Yea. Take a look at our Amazon storefront here

    We have gift cards! Please reach out if you have any other questions

    We wish. Here’s his Instagram