The durometer is the measurement of how hard or soft the urethane is. There are two scales: the A Scale and the B Scale. A scale is commonly used in skateboarding and is the measure of how hard or soft the urethane is. The lower the number the softer the wheel and vice versa. B Scale is only really found on select Powell Peralta wheels, and runs 20 points lower than the A Scale, therefore is aimed at more accurately measuring harder wheels. In short: cruiser skateboard wheels offer more grip and usually run from 75-90a. Hard skateboard wheels range from 90-100a and offer less grip. For the Shore Durometer Scale, 100a is technically the top end, although some brands like Mini Logo & Spitfire Formula Four’s come in 101a. For 100a wheels you’d want smooth surfaces to skate, whereas a 75a (filmer) wheel would give a quiet, smooth ride over any surface.

True, you get a few more options (currently) from Clouds. 3 durometers: 78a, 86a & 92a & a couple of different sizes, however all are made in China.

We work with the top wheel factory in the USA, allowing us to provide you the best urethane formulas and unrivaled precision. Hold the two wheels up close and you’ll see and feel the difference.

On top of this we finish our wheels with the Fireball SlidePrepped TM surface treatment to eliminate the #1 issue people have with softer wheels; that they are too grippy.

We’d recommend this durometer mostly for rough streets and surfaces. While you can technically skate a park or ramps with these, you’d typically want wheels in the 92-100a. It’s a little it of personal preference though, as some skaters might prefer the smoother/softer ride. The main thing to watch out for would be the softer wheels catching rails/curbs/ledges when trying grinds.

Choosing the best skateboard wheel size depends what your goal is.

If you are looking more to do tricks as well as cruising about, the smaller 54mm Terra Street Wheels would be more suitable. If you are solely looking to cruise around, slightly larger wheels like the Fireball Tinders, Bones Rough Riders or OG Slime Balls would likely be better.

See the Ultimate Wheel Guide from Stoked Ride Shop for more info on how durometer and wheel size impacts skating.