Unlocking the Untouchable: How Soft Skateboard Wheels Can Improve Your Street Skating

Unlocking the Untouchable: How Soft Skateboard Wheels Can Improve Your Street Skating

Street skating is all about exploring new spots, pushing your limits and having fun. But let's face it, some spots can be a real pain in the... wheels. Rough surfaces can be a hindrance to skaters, causing vibrations, reducing control and making it difficult to maintain speed. But what if there was a solution that could help you glide over those rougher surfaces smoothly? The Fireball Terra Soft Skateboard Wheels have been designed for just this: street skating on rough surfaces.

Soft v Hard Wheels

Soft vs Hard Skateboard Wheels

Skate wheels come in a variety of durometers (hardness), ranging from 70a on the soft end, to 100a on the hard end. Soft wheels are often compared to hard skateboard wheels, but each type of wheel has its own specific benefits.

Softer wheels offer the best grip. These are usually reserved for longboards as 'cruiser wheels' that allow you to skate smoothly and quickly. Harder wheels are designed for more traditional skateboards and skatepark sessions. The harder urethane keeps its speed while not getting hung up on rails and copings.

Choosing wheel width

Choosing Skateboard Wheel Sizes

As we learned above, there is more to skateboard wheels that initially meets the eye. The same goes for picking the wheel size. Typically smaller wheel diameters run from 50mm - 54mm and provide a faster ride, wheras larger wheels from 56mm - 60mm are a little slower.

If you want to do street skating, for example, you'll need smaller wheels that can maneuver easily over cracks and debris. If you want to do vert skating or cruising, however, you'll want larger wheels for extra stability and speed.

One last thing to note: to avoid wheel bite when skating larger wheels you may need to install riser pads. These are small pieces of rubber/plastic that sit inbetween your deck and the truck baseplate to make sure your wheels do not catch on the bottom of the deck when turning.

Fireball Terra All surface skateboard wheels

Benefits of Soft Skateboard wheels

Soft wheels are used by street skaters for their ability to provide a smoother ride on rougher surfaces. The Terra Soft Skateboard Wheels are made in the USA with a softer durometer S-Type 'Thane, which is wrapped around a hard polyurethane/fiberglass centerset core. This combination helps provide a smooth and quick ride over rough spots, without losing much speed (which is the main issue with most soft wheels).

This tried and tested technique is taken directly from our longboard and cruiser wheels, where the solid core helps stabilise the softer urethane to give you the best of both worlds.

Softer wheels are also favored by skaters for cruising and beginner skaters at the skate parks due to the more forgiving nature of the urethane. The Terra Soft Skateboard Wheels will allow you to cruise smoothly and have fun at the skate parks without feeling overwhelmed by the roughness of the pavement. Just be careful when locking on to a coping or grind rail.

Choosing skateboard wheels

The best skateboard wheels for rougher surfaces.

The Terra Wheels are designed specifically to help skaters ride smoothly over rougher surfaces. With a softer durometer, they provide a more forgiving ride and better grip, making them the perfect choice for street skating on rougher surfaces.

At 54mm, they are the perfect size for most skateboard decks without any modifications. They can be easily mounted on any street skateboard without the need for riser pads, making them a versatile choice for skaters of all levels.

Street skating and hardness:

Street skating often requires a different hardness (aka durometer) of wheels vs cruising or even skating at skate parks. The Terra wheels have a hardness of 78a, which makes them perfect for street skating on rougher surfaces, while still allowing for a smooth ride and predictable slides, thanks to the SlidePrepped Formula surface finish.


The Fireball Terra Wheels are a great solution for skaters looking to conquer rougher surfaces, push their limits and unlock new spots that were previously un-skateable. With a unique combination of soft urethane and a hard core, a SlidePreppedTM surface, and being proudly made in the USA, these wheels are among the best skateboard wheels for street skating on rough surfaces. Whether you're a seasoned skater looking for improved grip and control, or a beginner looking to get comfortable on your board, the Terra Soft Skateboard Wheels are the right wheels for you. Don't let rougher surfaces hold you back.

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