Behind the Board: Rohrer

Behind the Board: Rohrer

By popular demand, we've been searching the globe for some of the raddest artists we felt complimented the essence of skateboarding. 

Manfred Rohrer (also known by the alias Rohrer), is a freelance Illustrator and artist born and raised in Graz, Austria.

This or that:

Coffee/Tea: Coffee
TV/Book/Music: TV
Morning/Evening: Evening
Movies/ Shows: Movies
Beer/Tacos: Beer
Paper/Digital: Digital
Money/Fame: Money
Dog/Cat: Both
City/Country: City
Spirit Animal: Tiger

Rohrer on his process:

"I am inspired by a wide variety of things. Often when I'm out in nature or when I'm having stimulating conversations with friends. In these situations, I come up with creative ideas that I then put down on paper.

I've also often taken part in Inktober, where I was able to let my creativity run free.

Sometimes works are created very quickly, i.e. in a few hours, sometimes over years. The creation process here is lengthy and I often completely change these works until I am satisfied with them."

Manfred Rohrer Artist

How + when did you get started in your career?

I was trained as a graphic designer and self educated my way into an illustration and art career.

What does your office set up look like?

Nothing special, drawing tablet and my laptop.

What software do you use?

Mostly Photoshop 

Money is no object. What are you buying?

A house near to a beach, the latest Equipment for work, a big car so my family and dog and I can go on holidays whenever we want.

Who is your ultimate dinner guest?

Way too many candidates, I can’t decide.

What is your ultimate superpower?

I can go ice bathing for over 5 minutes.

What's the item you've gifted the most in the past 3 years?

My Prints of course 😉

If you could time travel, when would you travel to, and why?

There are a lot of interesting times, but i think now we live in the most interesting one.

Favorite movie/TV show?

I like GoT, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Stuff, good Thrillers. I’m also into documentaries.

Where can people learn more about you?


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