There is no single best wax. There are different types of wax available for skateboarding, and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Harder waxes are better for street skating, while softer waxes are better for breaking in new boards for beginners or doing skateboard tricks. SuperSlip, however, is a great hybrid.

Our formula is made up of a mix of beeswax and coconut oil, specifically formulated for a smoother, quicker grind. You also get more wax per $ with Fireball SuperSlip.

Check out the comparison to popular waxes, below:




Wax per $

Shorty's Curb Candy Wax$8.50 0.367 in3
Spitfire Big Head$6.95 1.254 in3
Toy Machine$7.95 0.786 in3
Dime Bag Hardware Triple Slick Curb Wax$5.00 0.866 in3
Santa Cruz Screaming Hand$9.95 1.69 in3
Fireball SuperSlip$9.95 3.55 in3

Nope. Surfboard wax is softer and designed to help you grip the board. Skate wax is designed to help you slip. Please do not use this wax on your surfboard, not surf wax on the curb unless you wanna eat it. Snowboard wax is formulated for the cold conditions. Snowboard wax may work for skateboarding, but not the other way around. TLDR; Do not use SuperSlip wax on surfboards or snowboards. Please. Thanks

If you are on a tight budget, you technically could use a candle to wax your curb/ledge/whatever. The main difference is the makeup of the products. Candle wax is paraffin, but usually mixed with dyes and fillers to make them smell nice. Specially formulated skate wax is usually softer, easier to apply and last much longer on the waxed surface.

Grinding curbs, ledges, rails, etc with your longboard, skateboard, inline skates or scooter. Anything you can dream up. Get creative.


Skateboard wax comes in various makeups, most commonly a mix of paraffin & beeswax wax melts.

Why would you wanna do that, now?!

We recommend waxing the object you wish to skate.