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There's something truly natural about the way skateboards explore their surroundings, in the way they redefine familiar places, and push boundaries with every push. But spend enough time on any early skateboard, and there was bound to be a problem—the parts. Screws would strip out and corrode for starters. Bearings often didn't come with spacers, and the ABEC ratings skate shops often sold them by didn't seem to add up.

So Rajewski started doing what any skater would do, figuring it out with his friends, and by march 2009, they started began what would eventually become Fireball Supply Co. What started out as no-nonsense skate hardware, would soon start rolling at unbelievable new speeds when in 2010, Fireball Released the 76 mm Beast...

we're here to help you skate more and worry less

premium gear, designed for life right here in California

Instead of establishing ourselves as individual and apart from the ecosystem around us, Fireball Supply Co. aims to be a unifying force in the world of streetsurfing. By accepting that a casual approach is often the most sustainable, we'll do our best to support not only ourselves, but everyone we come into contact with when it comes to creating a complete look at skateboarding.

we got you

we're not just committed to manufacturing the best gear on the market, but are 100% dedicated to YOU, ensuring every aspect of your customer journey is effortless.

With Fireball you can spend less time worrying/waiting and more time skating

through the years..

a HUGE thanks to those who have supported us. Here's a snapshot into our 11 years in the industry

Born, March 2009

Started with a ..

Beast Wheels

First wheels in production

More Wheels

Success of the Beast Wheels got us thinking about where we could take this


Busy making it happen. Drunk record number of coffees for anyone, ever, probably

BIG caffeine crash

see above


blah blah blah

ate a donut. Got inspired


We're moving up in the world. Big upgrades to our site & brand


Dragon bearings are launched to critical acclaim


Our first collab with YouYube artist/superstar Vexx sold out in hours

Boards for days

Vexx collab got us thinking. Spent this year testing mini-cruisers and shaping ours

Artist Collaboration series

Working with local factories to produce limited runs of artist works. Shame to skate 'em but they're seriously fun boards

The Future

Big plans for the years to come. See below for more