Serving hot steez since '09

There's something truly natural about the way skateboarders explore their surroundings, in the way they redefine familiar places, and push boundaries with every push. But spend enough time on any early skateboard, and there was bound to be a problem—the parts. Screws would strip out and corrode for starters. Bearings often didn't come with spacers, and the ABEC ratings skate shops often sold them by didn't seem to add up

So, founder, David Rajewski, started doing what any skater would do, figuring it out with his friends, and by March 2009 they started what would eventually become the Fireball Supply Co. you know and love today.

We may not be the first to the market, but our focus on time-tested engineering methods allow us to offer the highest quality, precision products, built to last. No false claims, no over-hyped marketing jargon, just true performance focused gear for skaters, by skaters backed by our Lifetime Beast Guarantee*

Our Origins Story

Skate more, worry less

Premium gear, designed for life right here in California.

Instead of establishing ourselves as individual and apart from the ecosystem around us, Fireball Supply Co. aims to become a unifying force in the world of skateboarding. By accepting that a casual approach is often the most sustainable, we'll do our best to support everyone we come into contact with - Whether recommending our own product, a rival or answering that technical question that's been bugging you for weeks.

Quite simply, we're here to make your life easier, giving you less uncertainty and more time to get out and shred.