Fireball Dragon Spacers and Speed Rings, Silver

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Dragon Precision Spacers and Speed Rings

Dragon Precision Spacers and Speed Rings are manufactured to provide a precision fit with extremely low tolerances in-between your skateboard bearings. This allows you to crank your axle nut all the way down, which in turn reduces slop and increases the longevity, durability and performance of your bearings by great amounts.

Design Inspiration

We here at Fireball were tired of rattling coming from our bearings and spacers due to imperfections in the manufacturing process of bearings spacers. Many other spacers are manufactured with stamped steel, causing a sloppy fit. This causes the bearing to have higher tolerances and lose its roll speed over time. We’re not sure about you, but we like to make our gear last as long as possible.


  • Width - 0.405”(10.29 mm)
  • Axle Size - 8mm
  • Precision Machined for Extremely Tight Tolerances - Between +/- 0.02 mm
  • Construction - Iron with Zinc Coating for protection from rust.
  • Durability - Equal to the durability of stamped steel with a more precise fitment.
  • Perfect Fitment for Dragon Endure and Race Bearings - Designed and tested to work extremely well with our Dragon Bearing lineup.

Disclaimer: These Spacers and Speeds rings will cause your board to

accelerate at speeds which can potentially cause combustion. Ride with caution and always wear a helmet. 


    1. Remove everything from the skateboard axle
    2. Place a Dragon Speed Ring (small washer) on the axle
    3. Place a bearing on the axle with the shield towards the middle of the skateboard
    4. Place a Dragon Spacer on the axle
    5. Place a bearing on the axle with the shield towards the middle of the skateboard
    6. Push wheel down on the bearing with the outward part of the wheel facing towards the middle of the skateboard
    7. Remove wheel and seated bearing from the axle
    8. Flip wheel and place it back on the axle, installing the second bearing
    9. Place a Dragon Speed Ring on the axle
    10. Tighten axle nut down all the way (some clicking is often normal, bearing is fully seating into the wheel)
    11. Repeat and go shred!


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