Dragon Bearing Tech

Dragon Bearing Tech

DRAGON bearings have several distinctive characteristics that make them superior to other bearings at a similar price point.


DRAGONS come pre-lubed with ENDURE lubricant or RACE lubricant. Both of these lubricants are low viscosity and penetrates the steel in the bearing, smoothing out any microscopic imperfections. ENDURE is designed to maximize bearing life while RACE is designed for maximum speed.

7-Ball Design

The seven ball bearings are made from steel that is finely polished to minimize friction. Seven ball design provides maximum strength for radial and axial loads.

Dual Labyrinth Shields

The dual bearing shields are non-contact and made from Buna-N. They are easily removed for cleaning. The shields tuck into a section of the inner race, and creates a labyrinth. This helps keep dirt and water out of the bearing by greatly increasing the distance it takes for debris to travel before infecting the bearing.

Polish and Cage

The outer and inner rings, or races, are polished just like the ball bearings. This is where the balls roll. In order to keep the balls equally distributed throughout the bearing races, a high performance nylon ball retainer (also known as the crown or cage) is used.

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