Who’s the Surf Adapter Pack for? Is it worth it?

Skaters weighing up a complete Carver, YOW, Smoothstar, Swelltech or Landyachtz surfskate setup but have an unused board at home, this adapter might just be what you’ve been waiting for.

You can get set up with your new surf skateboard for less than 1/3 the cost, with the same tighter turns as you’d get on from the dedicated surfskate trucks, and super easy installation on any regular or old school set up.

Pro Tip: If you plan to purchase new cruiser wheels to go with this, make sure that your new wheels are a similar size to your current wheels. This should help ensure you do not get wheelbite and end up hurling yourself off the board. Ie. do not buy massive 70mm wheels if you’re rocking 52mms on a street set up.

Buying a complete vs Waterborne Skateboards Surf and Rail Adapter

If you are new to the world of surfskate, buying the adapter is not only cheaper, but gives you the chance to play around and test out different wheelbases with ease. Check out the video below, by ShredShack explaining more.

From Waterborne directly: ‘When it comes to dual pivot surf trucks there are four major systems. Carver C7, YOW Meraki, Smoothstar Thruster and Waterborne Surf Adapter. Waterborne's Surf Adapter is the newest system and the only one that uses a high rebound urethane bushing, just like a skate truck. the Surf Adapter does not rely on a heavy metal mechanical spring and linkages. As a result turns feel fluid and limitless. Furthermore steel springs are susceptible to rust. They need to be maintained and replaced frequently, and there are dozens more moving parts.’

What skateboards does the Adapter Fit?

The Waterborne surf adapter is designed to fit any skateboard with a 4 bolt (standard) pattern. Yes, that does mean that you can mount in to your electric skateboard or RKP longboard trucks for extra fun, or even throw it on a popsicle and carve the bowls at your local skatepark. The ultimate upgrade for the surfer stuck on land.