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One (Hundred) & done deck runs. Made in Mexico, assembled in California.


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Why choose Fireball Mini Cruiser Skateboards?

Since 2009, we’ve been manufacturing skateboard components to outlast and outperform anything and everything on the market. This ethos is carried through every single product in our lineup, and the Fireball Mini Cruiser Skateboard series is no exception.

Designed, shaped and assembled in North America, we wanted a board that gave the same smooth ride from our favorite longboard, but with modern shaping and functionality in the form of wheel wells and a kicktail. The result? A true commuting beast that crushes any obstacle in its path.

The complete skateboard setups comes fully built with high quality components:

→ 7-Ply Canadian Maple Deck (Made in Mexico)

→ Paris Truck Co. 129mm Street Trucks in Matte Black (93a Urethane Bushings)

→ Tinder 60mm Wheels (81a Durometer)

→ Dragon BUILT Bearings

→ Stainless Steel Hardware

→ MOB Grip tape

Exclusive to our website: a choice of wheel color options & unique limited edition pin to match your board graphic so you can rep the design on and off the board.

Each board is hand assembled in our Torrance, California warehouse and backed by our Beast Guarantee.


High quality small batch mini skateboards from artists around the world. Each graphic is 1 and done, never again released, in batches of 100. Each 7-Ply Maple Skateboard deck is pressed at our factory in Mexico alongside some of the best brands in the world.

Learn more about the current minds behind the artwork, below:

Elena FX

Elena FX










We spent years testing & perfecting the all-round mini-cruiser board shape so that we could cruise the boardwalk, shred the streets or run to the store when in need, all without switching board.

Each complete will be set up with your choice of 60mm Tinder Wheels, Dragon BUILT built-in Bearings, Dragon Stainless Steel Hardware & Paris 129mm Street Trucks.


The Canadian Maple deck is pressed in North America, and completes are assembled by hand in our Torrance, California workshop



Cruise cracks, rocks & debris.
Available in your choice of color

Dragon BUILT bearings

Dragon BUILT bearings

Precision built-ins designed to last. 8um (0.008mm) tolerance

Paris 129mm street trucks

Paris 129mm street trucks

The ultimate cruiser truck.
Sits slightly taller for max carve-ability

Frequently Asked Questions

Length:29.5" | 75.57 cm
Width:8.5" | 21.59 cm
Wheelbase (standard):14.75" | 37.47 cm
Wheelbase (axle to axle):14.75" | 37.47 cm

We found most other mini-cruisers uncomfortable to ride due to their smaller size. At ≈ 0.5" wider than most mini-cruisers & 1" longer it gives a larger platform for more comfortable riding and tricks. The 29.5 inch skateboard deck has a 8.5 inch width.

We pick artists that we admire from around the globe. We are always on the lookout for new artists to feature, so please feel free to email us with any portfolios for future collaboration consideration

Our boards are a little wider (0.5") and a little longer (1") while still keeping that small stash-able silhouette to fit in your college locker.

Unlike most other brands, we also press our decks in North America & hand build the completes in California, USA. This gives us full control over the manufacturing process, and allows us to provide highest quality builds on the market.

As for Penny Boards, these have much much smaller plastic skateboard decks that aren’t really comparable. Plastic decks are great for stashing in your bag, but not great for actually riding unless you’re very small. Really these are classified as ‘Micro Cruisers’ - think ‘Kids skateboard’ v ‘real skateboard’

Good question. The Magneto Mini Cruiser is amongst the most popular boards for beginners due to this entry price point. For $99 you get a semi-decent board that is more comparable to the Landyachtz Dinghy in size & shape, but with lesser quality components. It’s not bad. It’s just not good, either.

While it might seem like the better value for money, you do get what you pay for with the skateboard components over time.

For the extra $34.95 you’d spend on the Fireball Cruiser you get upgraded trucks by Paris Truck Co, which sit taller and give you better turn, USA-made Wheels, a wider & longer deck made in Mexico, Dragon Bearings with Labyrinth Seals for increased longevity and performance & stainless steel hardware that is guaranteed to be rust-free forever

Watch a recent rider review by Abuga from Downhill254 here

and be sure to check out customer reviews on the products themselves

All Fireball products come with our money back Beast Guarantee, giving you full peace of mind on your purchase for 30 days. We want you stoked. Dragon Bearings, Dragon Hardware & Paris Trucks come with a lifetime warranty against defects

The Fireball Artist Cruiser makes a rad first board. If you are brand new to skateboarding we suggest taking a look at this video guide by Hans Wouters

With the primary function of getting you from point A to point B, we felt that a fully-functional nose was a little unnecessary. Although the board performs great in the park, if you are planning on hitting the skatepark mostly, we would suggest you look for a double kick Blank Skateboard Deck

For sure! The single kicktail is designed to allow for 90% of skateboard tricks including ollies

Nah bro. We found most riders have one laying about, so opted for cooler exclusives for y’all instead. If you’re in need, check out this skate tool from our partner Stoked Ride Shop

Tinder 60mm 81a durometer wheels. Our best seller was developed with our USA-Made R-Type Polyurethane for fast, smooth cruising through almost any terrain (wheres most 81a ‘soft wheels’ will be slower with a focus on smooth skating)

All our PU Wheels also come SlidePrepped for breaking into clean slides, right out the box

We developed our skateboard bearings from the ground up for, you guessed it... skateboarding and longboarding!

The ABEC rating system is essentially redundant when it comes to this due to the lack of measuring for load handling, speed, materials or lube

You can! You can find the complete skateboard and the deck only herePlease note, that when purchasing through Amazon you will not get a choice in wheel color (Black wheels only) & will not receive an enamel pin as these are website exclusives.

It is not. We do, however, offer the Waterborne Surfskate Adapter Kit as an add on

The top of the deck itself is plain Canadian Maple which will be stamped with the board number from the run. On the complete version, the top of the deck comes pre-gripped so you can shred right out the box.