Tinder 70mm Wheels

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Swipe Right, You've Found The One

Fireball Tinder Skateboard Wheels are choice wheels for park, cruising, and freeriding. 

Fireball Tinder on Arbor Oso Skateboard Complete

First Contact

Fireball Slide Prepped(TM) surface (stone ground) allows you to break into a slide and create smoking clean lines when you feel that urge. The rounded lips create a progressively larger contact patch as the wheel is slowly worn down from rippin slides.

Urethane to Core Ratio

Large cores mean predictable slides and even wear patterns. The large black fiberglass/urethane core in the Tinder supports the hefty 60mms of thane around it for unparalleled precision and performance. 

Pro Tip

If you ride favoring a heelside or toeside slide, rotate these wheels (switch front right with front left and back right with back left) at the first sign of coning to greatly increase the life and performance of Tinder. They can also be flipped as the core is centered. 


Diameter: 70mm
Durometer: White 81a
Contact: 37.5mm contact patch
Width: 50mm
Ride Surface: SlidePrepped(TM)
Core Placement: Centerset core

Special Features: 

Rounded lips and a large stiff core makes this wheel great for park and sliding.

Disclaimer: Ride with caution and always wear a helmet.


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