We've built Fireball through considerable research and development to ensure we offer the most advanced, durable and performance skateboard products on the market at an affordable price point. Its through this deep understanding of the engineering behind the gear that allows us to truly stand behind our products and offer a lifetime guarantee* against parts and defects

Take a look below at some of the tech that goes into our products


Dragon Bearings

Labyrinth Shields

A staple throughout our range. Designed to keep dirt out and improve bearing longevity and performance

Nylon Bearing Cage

Nylon cages provide less resistance vs metal cages, resulting in a smoother, longer roll

CNC Precision Finish

Designed to our exact specifications and machine finished for a highly precise fit for skateboard and inline


Two uniquely developed Dragon lubricants allow you to tailor the bearings to your ride style


Dragon Hardware

Premium Stainless Steel

Rust and freezing is a thing of the past! Our R&D team ensure that our hardware wont freeze, ever

Ultra-tight tolerance

With a +/-0.01mm tolerance, and angled head for a flush finish, Dragon is the most precise hardware on the market

Size Selection

Available in a wide range of sizes from standard 1" up to a huge 3" specifically designed for longboarding


Choose black or silver with Philips head for easy use, or Allen for that little extra strength



SlidePrepped Formula

Fireball wheels come standard with our SlidePreppedtm formula for easy slides and clean thane lines out the box

Central Core Placement

Large supportive cores for predictable release and hook up throughout our entire range

Rounded lips

Provides a comfy smooth ride over virtually any surface, while also allowing the wheel to easily break into a slide

Made in the USA

Allowing more control and an eco-conscious approach to a non environmentally sustainable product